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Welcome to FASTER Consulting

FASTER Consulting is a professional executive search firm since 2006, with several original partners from CEIBS MBA alumni. Strong CEIBS MBA and EMBA alumni network both domestically and globally continuously provides FASTER Consulting extra high caliber resources and leading business management expertise.

Service Advantage

FASTER Advantages

Deeply understand your business

CEIBS background and network enables us to understand your business growth and competitive environment better;FASTER is able to help you recruit covering all the functions (Management Team, HR, MKT, Sales, Finance, Operation, Supply Chain, IT, and etc.); FASTER could identify the optimal sourcing solutions, search all possible channels, and recommend the most appropriate candidates for tricky assignments.


Satisfy your caliber needs quickly

It is FASTER differentiation strategy compared with our competitors to have quick responses to customer needs and prompt service delivery; FASTER usually recommends the first batch of candidates for client interview within a week and finished candidate sourcing within a month; FASTER maintains client recruitment effectiveness and efficiency through unique internal management and extensive external cooperation.

Service Industry
Internet industry
FMCG Industry
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